Tzandeboo Construction Privacy Policy

Tzandeboo Construction (Pty) Ltd. we respect the privacy of our clients. This policy details our commitment to protecting your information and maintaining a secure site. Your privacy is not only important to us, but it is also important to our affiliates and subsidiaries and we take every precaution to ensure that the personal information we collect is private.

How We Collect and Use Your Information

Use of this website constitutes your consent to our collection and use of personal data in accordance with the terms detailed in our policy. We use industry standard safeguards to protect the confidentiality of all personal information we collect from our website’s visitors. Your personal information is accessible only by designated staff members and agents of Tzandeboo Construction (Pty) Ltd. who are also bound to this Privacy Policy.

We will not collect any personally identifiable information about you on our site unless you voluntarily provide it to us. The types of information we may ask you for could include, your name and your basic contact information. We are committed to keeping all of your information current and accurate. We also ask that you notify us of any changes made to your personal information via e-mail, telephone or postal. If you decide that you would no longer like to keep contact with us, we will remove your name from our email list immediately.

Notification of Changes in Privacy Policy

From time to time Tzandeboo Construction (Pty) Ltd. may update or modify this Privacy Policy. If changes are made in our privacy practices that affect user information that has already been collected, we will post a notice of these changes on our Homepage. We will only use information in accordance with the Privacy Policy under which the information was given. If you don’t agree with any provisions of Tzandeboo Construction (Pty) Ltd. Privacy Policy, or any of the updates that are made, please discontinue your use of our site.